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Dr. Seema Mehlawat, with a doctorate in vaastu, a diploma in scientific vaastu and a researcher in pyramid science is very proficient in the field of vaastu shastra. She is a perfectionist when it comes to understanding different aspects of any place whether it be your residence or workplace. She is a skilled professional and knows how to analyse the vibrations and balancing it with minimal changes to the structure. Her most important aim is customer satisfaction which she ensures with her undeniable knack in examining the energies of the surroundings to create a more peaceful and pleasant environment. She provides the vastu services not only for personal residence but also for any workplace or any occasion like griha pravesh and for marriage, any aspect of one’s life which they need to resolve, she can provide her guidance and knowledge to lead you towards the best possible solutions.

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Our services

Sarvam Soul Vastu offers reliable and affordable solutions for specific problems in homes, offices, or factories. We can also analyze your property or plots and provide a detailed report detailing every aspect of each room. Dr. Seema visits your location to make sure that the advice is tailored to your needs. Our goal is to bring wealth, health and prosperity to your area in the most efficient manner possible.

Spiritual Vastu

Vastu Tips for griha arambh muhurat,Vastu For Griha Pravesh, and Vastu Shanti.

Vastu For Industrial

Sarvam Soul is a top provider of Industrial Vastu Services, including Industrial Land, Factories, and other services.

Vastu For Residential

Vastu Residential is based upon various energies that are derived from the atmosphere.

Vastu For Commercial

Vastu Services for commercial buildings, Office, Shops, Clinic, School, Hotel.

Vastu Solution For Plots

Selection of a plot is crucial because the plot is a fixed form.

Vastu In Daily Life

Sarvam Soul Vastu can help you to replenish your life and eliminate negative energies.

Vastu Advice

Our Vastu services can help you improve efficiency, productivity, and reduce downtime. Our goal is to help you achieve your goals of health, wealth and prosperity.

Vastu Yantra

Home is more than a place to live. It is a way for us to increase our mental space and our identity.

Vastu for Office

The office is designed to maximize success and profit, while still controlling the staff.

Vastu For Hotel & Restaurant

The good infrastructure in Hotels is a great way to attract more people and make hospitality more comfortable.

Vastu For Factories

Vastu helps to ensure a successful business navigation which leads to increased production. These are some Vastu tips for factories.

Banks And Financial Institution

Vastu For Banks is important for security purposes.

Vastu for Educational Institute

It is important that educational institutions are designed so that students can concentrate.

Vastu For Geopathic Stress

It was found that their homes were affected by strong electromagnetic radiation.

Vastu for Education

A school is an institution that shares knowledge and builds treasure.

Vastu for Hospital

It is important that the hospital structure be designed to allow patients to recover.

Vastu For Wealth

Vastu tips can be a great help in improving your financial position.

Vastu for Health

Vastu is a way to increase your health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity. These Tips can be used.

Vastu for Career

For students and professionals, please read the Vastu Guidelines. These Tips will help you.

Vastu for Peace and Mind

Sleep direction and negative energies are important factors in causing a loss of peace of mind.

Vastu for Happy Married Life

Vastu Shastra principles are a great way to foster love and affection among all members of the family.

Dr. Seema Mehlawat

Doctorate in vaastu, a diploma in scientific vaastu and a researcher in pyramid science is very proficient in the field of vaastu shastra. 

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