The office is designed to achieve overall success and good profits, while controlling staff effectively. Vastu complaint Office makes everything positive, ensuring that wealth flows in a good direction and helping businesses succeed. People often venture into business without consulting with a professional about the best plan and direction for their business. Vastu office helps maintain economic growth, manages staff, makes the environment calm and positive, and removes any obstacles that may arise in the business.

Vastu of the office requires proper analysis and orientation for the business house. Here are some Vastu Tips For Office

  • An east-facing office is considered to be a bountiful one.
  • Avoid irregular plot shapes. Square or rectangular is better for office structures.
  • Any water resource or element, if any must be installed or placed in North-east corner of the office.
  • While working with clients or dealing with them, the main head of the company or owner must face North.
  • Executive and other staff can choose to work on the eastern or northern sides.
  • Managerial and other high-ranking office staff must sit in the Western or Southern portion of the office. They must face North or East when sitting in office.
  • The north-east corner of the office should not be used without water resources installed.
  • Toilets should only be constructed on the West or North-western sides.
  • South-east should have a pantry. .
  • The best place to build a staircase is in the South, South-west, or West. Avoid stairs located in the centre or Brahmsthan office.
  • North-east design is required for reception.
  • If you have a temple in your office, build it in North-east.
  • Employers should not be forced to sit down under the beam.
  • You can wait in North-west and North-east.
  • Office colours should be bright and cheerful, not gloomy or sad.
  • Walls should be decorated with attractive pictures, but avoid pictures that depict evil or war.

When studying the vastu of offices, it is important to consider the following. Vastu consultations of offices require a detailed analysis.

  • The office should be located in a central location.
  • The exteriors of the office include shape, slope, height, and water level
  • The direction of the Entry
  • The orientation and placement of the windows
  • The location of the beams
  • The basement location
  • Direction and placement of the MD Room
  • The selection and work wise direction of employees
  • Direction and placement of the reception
  • The placement and direction of AC, cooler, and audio systems
  • The direction and location of the stairs
  • The placement and direction of the electronic equipment
  • The layout and direction of the pantry/kitchen
  • Direction and placement of the toilets
  • The location and direction of the seminar or conference room
  • Direction and placement of water products
  • The color scheme of the room