Although a well-structured factory can provide all-round satisfaction to its owner, it is unlikely to bring about total happiness in terms of wealth, peace, and health. Factory success is directly related to the location on which it is being built. Profit is the main goal of any business. However, if that goal is not being achieved for one reason or another then it is time to suspect Vastu. Vastu of factory assists in identifying problems on site by thoroughly analyzing it and correcting it with invasive remedies.

Factory vastu is essential for the success of business navigation. This will lead to greater production and higher monetary profits. It also helps in establishing relationships with other factories. Vastu can provide great support to industry and it roots ways for success, security, and strengthen in business.

When setting Vaastu guidelines worldwide for factories or industries, there are many other things to consider. These include location of electronic gadgets, guardroom, quarters, staff quarters, kitchen, office for administration, chairman’s and managing partner’s rooms, placement of raw materials, manufactured packaged material, ready-to-be transported items, and many others. Vaastu can be used to avoid any mishaps or other problems. Many of the problems encountered were solved by Vasthu (Consultant).

One shop can feed one person while a large shop can feed many. A factory can support many families. A factory’s main purpose is to make profits by marketing and production. The factory owner must consider not only his own life but also the lives of others. A factory usually has heavy items, both raw and finished goods. These heavy materials must be placed at the west, southwest, or south. These materials should be placed at the zenith for stocks, materials, ready-made items, iron objects, and finished goods.

Vaastu should also consider guestroom and compound wall. This is the point of putting front. Normally factories and manufacturing units are faced with severe problems that need to be addressed. The root cause of problems such as labour problems, tax problems and market competition, changes in passions, government policies, etc. must be acknowledged. You can solve the problems by improving managerial efficiency, but you can also avoid them by following proper vaasthu when building a factory or manufacturing unit.

Sometimes stock disposal can be a difficult task. An experienced vaastu consultant can help you solve all your problems. Vastu Shastras for factories, industry, factories and industries must be observed carefully. Before purchasing a site to build a factory or small-scale industry, it is important not to rush. One simple vastu tip can change the luck of the area.

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The factory’s Vastu determines all aspects to identify the root cause of problems. Here are some tips for Vastu in factory:

  • To make long-term profits, choose a factory in the North, East or North-east directions.
  • Factory entrances should face East. The main gate must be large and have two shutters.
  • For all dealings and discussions, the office of the owner should be located in the East or North section.
  • Keep finished goods in North West for quick dispatch and high profits.
  • South or South-west is the best area for maintenance and workshop work.
  • The South-east direction is best for electrical equipment, meters, generators and boilers. It facilitates smooth functioning and reduces accidents.
  • Toilets must be built in the South-east and North-west portions of the factory, while the septic tank must either be North-west/Northern or South/South.
  • South-west corner must be used for the disposal of raw material and stacks.
  • Machines that are heavy or light should be placed on the South or West side, but not in the centre or North-east.
  • North-east must have a bore well or tube-well. This area should be kept clean and light. South-west must have overhead tanks .

When studying the vastu of a factory, it is important to consider the following. Vastu consultations of factories require a detailed analysis.

  • The location of the beams
  • The basement’s location
  • Direction of the Entrance
  • The direction and positioning of the windows
  • The placement and direction of heavy machines
  • The direction and placement of employees
  • The placement and direction of the owner
  • The placement and direction of the raw materials
  • The placement and direction of the finished goods
  • The placement and direction of electrical equipment such as generators
  • The direction and location of the stairs
  • The placement and direction of AC, cooler, and audio systems
  • The oven’s placement and direction
  • The layout and direction of the pantry/kitchen
  • Direction and placement of the toilets
  • Direction and placement of water products
  • The layout and direction of the administrative area
  • The placement and direction of the guard rooms
  • The placement and direction of staff quarters
  • Direction and placement of the water boring
  • Direction and placement of underground water tanks for staff
  • The placement and direction of the overhead water tank
  • The placement and direction of the septic tank.