Vastu is an important aspect of security and safety in banks. If banks are built according to Vastu principles, they will not be prone to theft or robbery. Vastu also requires that employees are placed and the main manager or head of the bank is placed.

  • Because of the favorable construction conditions, it is ideal to locate banks in either North or East directions.
  • Avoid obstructions in the main entrance bank. It is best to go towards East, North-east, or North.
  • The South-East corner of the bank should be converted into Manager’s Room and someone sitting towards North.
  • Cash counters should be placed in North, with the cashier facing East or North.
  • Wooden counters can be used to hold cash.
  • Bank employees and staff must be located in West.
  • The cash room that holds all cash must be located in South or Southwest, opening towards North.
  • The North-east should always have water sources. This is the most auspicious.
  • The role of colour plays in creating and stabilizing wealth is important, so yellow is a prominent color.
  • South-west must keep files, papers, and other junk things.
  • Stationary can be placed at the North-West corner.
  • The North direction of the bank is where cash deposit counters should be found.
  • Western portion can be paid at the payment counter.
  • Keep stairs at West, South-west, or South-west.