Today, people consult a Vastu expert from Canada or India when selecting a plot. This is regardless of whether the plot will be used for residential or commercial purposes. Vastu can help you avoid negative energies that can cause severe illness and financial loss. Vastu advice on plot selection is based upon multiple factors such as the direction of the site and the type of soil. The shape of the plot and the surrounding area are all important. The following Vastu tips are helpful in plot selection.

The plot’s geometrical axis should align with the earth’s magnetic. One side of the plot should be parallel to the north-south directions, while the other should be parallel in the east-west directions. The land will not grow, prosper, or be peaceful and happy if it is not in the north-south direction. It is important to examine the shape, dimensions, levels, and angles of your plot. It should be checked if the plot does not conform to Vaastu principles.

Slope of Industrial Plot

It should be raised towards the west and south, and should be lower on the east and north sides for overall growth and prosperity.

Form of an Industrial plot

  • It should be square in ideal cases.
  • Rectangles are also acceptable provided that the length and breadth ratio is not greater than 1:3.
  • Not good: Triangles, rounds and other unusual shapes

Industrial plot angles

  • It is best if all angles are 90 degrees. Square site A site that has two sides is called a square if every corner is 90 degrees. This is the best site for overall growth.
  • South west angle should not exceed 90 degrees. North west angle and south east angle should not exceed 90 degrees.
  • North east should not exceed 90 degrees. However, it should not exceed 90 degrees. It is good for growth if the site’s width and depth are within 1:5. All corners should be 90 degrees. The site will be less able to grow if the depth is greater than the width. A symmetrical shape is generally good. Unsymmetrical shapes are not always good. Below are the possible effects of various shapes: Square – Overall growth Rectangular: Overall Growth Circular: Increases mental abilities Hexagonal: Prosperity Unsymmetrical/Irregular Shapes: Oval Shape : Inauspicious Triangle : Loss due fire, Govt. Harassment, Penalty, etc. Parallelogram – Financial losses, Family quarrels. Star – Quarrel and litigations; Destruction of peace

Orientation and location of the Industrial plot.

Prefer east and north-facing plots over west or south facing.


  1. This is where the Sun rises, giving light and heat to Earth.
  2. Indra-Planet is the Lord of this direction. Moon is the ruling planet.
  3. Other Lords that influence this direction include Jayant, Parjanya and Indra, Sun Satya Bhusha Sky, Agni, Sun, Satya and Bhusha.
  4. Keep it open in this direction to get the maximum sun rays.
  5. This direction should be kept as low as possible.
  6. This direction is kept open, and at low levels natives get famous and are honored in society.
  7. Entrances in this direction are advantageous so keep the entrance door preferably to East.
  8. Do no evil things in this direction.
  9. This direction has a great bathroom because residents can take advantage of the sun’s rays while they are taking a bath.
  10. The owner should follow this direction and not rent this portion to anyone else.
  11. The owner should follow this direction and not rent this portion to anyone else.

Two or more roads are available for industrial plots.

  • It is good to have roads that run along all four sides of the plot. This brings happiness to all.
  • It’s good to have multiple roads.
  • The best roads to the north and east are the best.
  • Business people will find the roads to the south and west favorable.
  • Women and organisations that work with women are attracted to the east and south roads.

Levels and Industrial Plot

The levels within the plots

  • In the west and south, the ground should be higher than in the east.
  • The plot should have the lowest ground levels to the east and north.
  • The levels in the north west and south east should be equal.
  • North should be higher than south, and east should be higher than west.

Levels beyond the Industrial plot

  • Low levels should be maintained at the east and north ends of any adjacent plot or road.
  • For the south and west, hillocks and mounds tend to be preferred.
  • For best results, LWater bodies should be preferred in the north and east.
  • Good fortune is found in a high-rise building that faces south, west or south.
  • South west of the plot are water bodies, depressions, and low levels.

Vaastu Tips For Plot Selection

  • Pick a plot with a regular shape. A square or rectangular plot is good. You should ensure that there are no cracks in the plot.
  • For purchasing purposes, a plot with more length in the east and west directions is better.
  • Vastu says that buying a plot with more open space on the southern side than the northern is a bad idea. It is likely to cause damage.
  • It is best to purchase a plot with the main entrance located in the middle-west or northern part of the plot.
  • It is not advisable to purchase a plot facing west.
  • An auspicious road that faces the plot from all sides is one that is considered to be a good sign.
  • Different occupations can be affected by the direction of the plot. A plot facing east is favorable for philosophers, priests and teachers. A plot facing north is a good choice for those who manage the administration of a company. A plot facing north is also available for government employees.
  • If you’re a businessperson, consider purchasing a plot facing south. A plot facing west is a good option for those who provide services to society.
  • According to vastu shastra, a fertile plot with greenery around it is considered auspicious.
  • You must ensure that your plot is free from any graveyards or tombs.
  • Avoid plots that are located near schools or colleges.
  • Don’t buy a plot where rainwater from the neighborhood’s roof falls.
  • You should ensure that no tall buildings are located on the plot’s north east side. This could disrupt your mental peace. You may be able to purchase the plot if the building is high-rise and located on the west, south west, or eastern side.
  • Avoid buying a plot that has rivers or canals running on the west or south sides of it.
  • You should make sure there are no electric posts or pillars near your plot.