Name and goodwill are the best indicators of a well-known shop. This can be achieved by constructing a shop/showroom that is both functional and attractive. Vastu complaint shops are constructed using proper orientation and directional methods. It is also designed to allow for things such as cash counters, placement of material, and other shop functions. Vastu guidance is becoming more sought after by more people who want to set up shops that are in accordance with Vastu norms. This is believed to lead to economic growth and success.

These are some Vastu Tips that will benefit your shop/showroom:

  • The shop owner must be seated according to Vastu. If possible, he/she should face East or North.
  • The plot or location of the shop must be rectangular or square in shape. Avoid irregular or cut properties.
  • Any deviation or extension in the wrong direction could bring down your business and cause you to lose your fortune.
  • Entry to shop is recommended in East and North-east.
  • You should not place the deities of Goddess Laxmi or God Ganesha on either side of the North-east corner.
  • Cash counters should be placed so that they face North, while cash rooms or lockers should face South-west.
  • You can store heavy materials, such as raw material and dumping stuff, on the South-West portion.
  • South-east corner must have computer, television, or other electronic equipment.
  • You must ensure that the main and other doors to your shop do not make any noise.


When analyzing the vastu of a shop/showroom, it is important to consider the following. Vastu consultations of shop/showroom require a detailed analysis.

  • Properly locating the shop/showroom in the building
  • Exteriors of the office include shape, slope, height and water level
  • Direction of the Entrance
  • The direction and placement of the Windows
  • The location of the beams
  • The basement’s location
  • The cashier’s direction and placement
  • The direction and placement of employees
  • The placement and direction of the owner
  • Direction and placement of the goods for sale
  • The placement and direction of the goods in store
  • The safe’s placement and direction
  • The direction and location of the stairs
  • The placement and direction of AC, cooler, and audio systems
  • The placement and direction of the electronic equipment
  • The layout and direction of the pantry/ kitchen
  • Direction and placement of the toilets
  • Direction and placement of water products
  • The color scheme of the room