The bedroom of a couple should reflect the nuptial bond and strengthen the relationship. It doesn’t matter if the couple is newly married or if they have been married for years. However, it does matter that their eternal ties are maintained and good relationships are maintained by Vastu. Bedrooms are a place to relax and do other activities. For couples, choosing the right direction for their bedroom is crucial for many reasons, including to avoid untimely death, poor health, miscarriage in the women, better conception, and better overall health.

  • In a couple’s bedroom, any kind of mirror should be avoided, especially at the front and sides of the bed.
  • Fresh flowers should always be kept in a couple’s bedroom as they symbolize the blooming of love. The fragrance of flowers helps to keep the relationship afresh.
  • You should not install any images or pictures that are disturbing or nude in a couple’s bedroom.
  • Avoid North-east for a couple’s bedroom. This place is known as Eshaan corner, which is ideal for worship. Constructing a bedroom in North-east can cause undesirable consequences for a couple’s married lives such as premature death, miscarriage, health problems and miscarriage.
  • Couples bedrooms can be decorated with bright and light colours to help them understand each other better. The ideal location for a couple’s bedroom is in the North-west or South-west portion of the house.
  • If the couple is younger, North-west can be ideal. South-west works best if they are older.
  • Avoid the South-east corner of a couple’s bedroom, as this can lead to frequent clashes or quarrels.
  • Couples should sleep with their heads towards South and their feet toward North.
  • Keep an enclosed mirror out of the bedroom.
  • When not in use, the television screen, computer screen, and other exposed mirrors must be covered.
  • Avoid TV and computers in a couple’s bedrooms if possible. The electromagnetic rays and vibrations of electronic objects can cause stress and tension.