Many houses have multiple floors. To bridge this vertical distance, stairways are required. There are many options for stairways. They can be made in any shape or material you like. You should plan this room carefully as meditation can help you to gain positive energies. It should not be in the wrong direction. You will feel sluggish no matter how many meditations you do. Before designing a pooja space, there are some rules you must adhere to.

Follow the correct direction

The western or southern side of the house must be used for a staircase. It should not be built in the northeast corner as this could result in financial losses for the homeowner. A staircase placed in any corner other than west or south can lead to losses.

Tips according to Vastu For Staircase

A staircase external can be constructed in the southwest direction facing east, southeast direction facing west, northwest orientation facing north, southwest direction facing south, or northwest direction facing north.
Start your stairs from the east or west, not north to south. If there is not enough space, you can turn to the other side.
A staircase must have an odd number, and it must not end with zero.
Depending on whether the worshipper is standing or sitting, the legs of an idol should reach the chest of the worshipper.
Vertical set of stairs must also have an odd number. When they are divided by three, their remainder must be 2.
Circular staircases are dangerous and can cause serious health problems. A staircase that circles a building can cause severe calamites.
A basement room with a staircase at the southwest corner is not considered auspicious. A room with a staircase in the southwest corner of a basement is not considered auspicious. It can lead to high blood pressure, undiagnosed illnesses, anemia, and other health problems.
Make sure to place doors at both the beginning and end of each staircase. It is important that the staircases do not touch the eastern or northern walls.
You should not make staircases visible from the outside. Inauspicious stairs that are visible from the ground are considered to be dangerous.
Broken stairs should be fixed immediately to avoid tensions or accidents.
A staircase should not be used to build rooms such as a bathroom, kitchen or pooja area. This space can only be used to create a storage area.
A linear staircase must be constructed from the north to the south, or west to west (inside or out). Later it can go in any direction.

Colors According To Vastu For Staircase

Avoid using dark colors on stairs, Like Red and Black