Geopathic Stress And Vastu

Geopathic Stress refers to the harmful effects of unstable electromagnetic fields emanating from the earth. Vastu is all based on the arrangement and placement of spaces within the premises. Vastu norms as well as Geopathic Stress, as seen by modern science, reveal many flaws.

Geopathic Stress, Emog and Electromagnetic radiations are the most disturbing factors. It is crucial to take into account the energy emanating from the land it is built upon when choosing where to live.

Man-made geopathic stress zones are also possible. These electromagnetic fields include those emitted by hydro towers, satellite towers or wi-fi networks.

Possible Signs of Geopathic Stress

A survey revealed that people were exposed to strong electromagnetic radiation from their homes. Geopathic stress is the leading cause of severe mental and physical disorders. It slowly increases your immune system’s frequency.

Geopathic Stress is most commonly seen in people as:

  • Resistance to medical treatment
  • Depression
  • Nervousness
  • Irritability
  • Feeling tired or run-down
  • Appetite loss
  • Allergies to food
  • Headaches
  • Electronics Sensitivity
  • Diminution of trace elements, vitamins, and minerals

Geopathic Stress is a physical sign on land.

  • Twisted growth in trees
  • Lawns with bare patches
  • Hedgerows and trees rows with dead or damaged gaps
  • Non-productive fruit trees
  • Tree cankers
  • The growth of moss, fungi, and other lichens
  • Mutated growth in vegetable garden plants
  • Slug and snail infestations
  • Insects and parasites, bacteria, viruses
  • Termite and ant nests
  • Nests of wasps and bees


You can identify if your home has been affected by harmful earth rays by looking for chronic diseases. Geopathic stress may be causing your children to have frequent nightmares, cry frequently, or wet their beds often.

Geopathic Stress Relief Remedies

Vastu Defects and Geopathic Stress can be reduced by using powerful tools that reflect or bounce, absorb and block negative energies from a specific structure. These are the top ways to manage geopathic stress.

  • You might consider purchasing the geopathic neutralizing devices. You should keep in mind that these gadgets will only temporarily protect your home from harmful earth rays. This is believed be a powerful geopathic stress remedy.
  • Another effective treatment is earth acupuncture. Although it works like magic, hammering copper pipes or iron rods into ground can cause damage. This treatment can also be quite costly.
  • If used correctly, Vastu norms can help to reduce the harmful effects of the sun’s rays.
  • Geopathic rods are composed of 12 different types of minerals, crystal pyramids, and a golden ratio shield that emits high levels of positive energy. This positive energy has the ability to subdue all negative energies including Geopathic stress.

Geopathic Stress Solutions In India

Geopathic Stress drains the biofield of a person. It can take a while before the body starts to experience problems. You can identify Geopathic zones and interpret your pet’s sleeping patterns. Your bed and your work desk should be moved to a Geopathic Stress-free zone. You can reduce your time using mobile phones and cordless phone. Avoid using a microwave in your bedroom, and keep electronics out of reach.

To avoid severe illness, you should also correct your house according to Vastu.