What is Vastu?

Vastu, the science that balances all five elements of nature with man and material, is called the direction . Vaastu Shastra is a science that creates pleasant environments or places to live or work. It takes advantage of the benefits of five elements “Paanchbhootas”. This allows for increased health, wealth, and happiness in an enlightened setting.


Since many millennia, ancient Gurus and Rishis knew the secrets to using the five elements of the universe and their unique characteristics to improve lives. When establishing the principles of this ancient science, several factors were taken into consideration, including magnetic field, gravitational fields, and so on. The galaxy in the sky, Earth and the direction and velocity of winds, light, heat, and light of the SUN, including the effects of its Ultra Violet and Infra Red rays, and the intensity and volume of rain etc.

The subject, object, and cause of architecture are all man. He perceives and conceptualizes architecture according to his relationship with the world around him. He alters and molds elements of the natural environment through art of design. These elements are known as the “Paanchbhootas”. These elements are Earth, Water and Air, as well as Fire, Fire, Ether, and Air. These five elements are the reason our planet is alive among the nine other planets. Water and Earth are limited and restricted resources for human growth and habitat. They are the key decision makers for the design and construction of the habitat and architecture. Space, Sun and Air are all readily available and can be molded according to human needs through the act of designing. To understand the act and function of design with these five elements we will need to look at each one individually.