Vastu and Astrology

Vastu (Astrology), can’t live without jyotish. They are both like water and air; they act as guiding factors. They are guiding factors in the socio-economic contexts of the middle and ancient ages. Jyotish (Astrology), is as old as the Vedas. Jyotish is literally the ‘light of God’ or ‘path towards fulfillment of your desires’. Astrology is the vedic body’s ‘eyes’. It allows us to see our future, past and present. The heavenly bodies’ language is used to achieve this ‘divine eyes’. These heavenly bodies can have a profound effect on our lives and homes.

In Brief: Let’s now discuss planets and how they affect houses, in the light of Astrology.

sun : sun is the soul (atmakaraka), Pitrkaraka and the governing planet for the fifth sigh Leo sign of the zodiac. Grhavastu says that the East window should allow maximum sunlight to the East. Otherwise it can disrupt a family’s prosperity.

Moon: A house’s left side is indicative of either mother or daughter. Women will experience divine perception and wisdom (Moon + Jupiter) if the left window is a puja area. If the room is darkened with material dumped, it can spell disaster for the housewife.

Mars and Venus: The kitchen should be in the south-east (agneyi). Mars is the ruling planet for the south. Venus is the one who controls a kitchen. A kitchen located opposite a bedroom is considered a bedroom. There will be happiness but also ill-health. Some houses have both a kitchen and a bathroom. This causes great hardship and can lead to a loss of earnings.

Mercury: mercury governs the North and verandah. The family owner will enjoy great benefits from the lands if there is a puja area in the hall. The housewife will earn well if the hall is attached to her bedroom. Lack of ventilation or darkness in the hall will lead to immoral affairs and shady earnings.

Jupiter: Jupiter is the ruler of North-East, which is suitable for proper puja rooms. Imagine the door facing directly into a puja room. Even if there is hardship in life, one will enjoy success later.

Saturn: It governs the West, and is Rahu’s best friend. Rahu and Ketu are the main and rear doors, respectively. The West is a sign of prosperity and food material that is stored there (store room, etc.) is considered auspicious.

Rahu: It rules the South-West. Toilets and unused materials are acceptable here. Since rahu controls the main entrance, it must be wider than all other doors.

Ketu: The North-East is also the direction of ketu. Ketu is responsible for small rear doors, bath rooms, ditches, and the staircase. It is not auspicious if the staircase to the first floor leads from the main entrance.