Vastu ‘s first and most important element is Earth. Because of its gravitational and magnetic properties, Earth or Prithvi can have an impact on human lives. Vastu’s most important aspect is site selection. Before construction begins, it is important to inspect the plot’s soil, area, and direction. This will help you stay healthy and fit.


Jal, or water, is the second most important element in Vastu. Water is the most important element of nature. It makes up over 80 percent of our bodies and covers two-thirds of the earth’s surface. Vastu has one direction that water sources should be placed. To maximize benefits water sources must be located in the north-east direction. North-east direction is favorable for water. Therefore, aquariums, swimming pools, water tanks, wells, and boring should be located in the above mentioned directions.


Fire, or Agni, is the most important element in Vastu after Water and Earth. Fire is closely associated with the Sun, which is well-known for its strength and vitality. Sun is the main source of light and energy. Vastu gives the correct direction for placing fire sources in south-east. To receive positive energy and other benefits, the fire sources such as kitchen fires or electrical devices should be located in the south-east direction. Proper ventilation is essential for the sun to shine through a house.


Vayu, or air, is an essential element of nature. Without it all life would end. Air is closely related to our senses for touch and sound. The proper direction of this element in Vastu is north-west. There are many gases that make up air, including oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. These gases are vital for human life. Vastu gives guidelines on the placement of doors, windows and balconies. It also provides ventilation and height recommendations for your home. Vastu states that the north-east direction should allow air to enter the house.


Space or Akash have no bounds. This element is related our sense of hearing. Quantitatively, space contains galaxies stars, Sun, Moon, constellations, and all nine planets. Vastu gives guidelines on Space. Space has a direct impact on human life. According to Vastu, house construction should allow light to enter the central part of the house. Any disturbance to this Space can be dangerous and should be kept empty.