Although basement is an essential part of any house, it should not be used. Vastu says that basement is considered to be auspicious. Basements should not be used as a living space or for sleeping purposes. This place complements basic Vastu rules that must be observed in order to eliminate any negativity caused by basement in a home.

Here are some Vastu Rules to Use in the Basement

Vastu Shastra prohibits any empty space below the residence. However, if it is built in a house, it must conform to Vastu principles. These are the basics of basement construction:

  • As Vastu principles dictate, basements should be built in the northern or eastern directions of a house.
  • Basements should be used for storage and other purposes, not living or recreational.
  • All junk, including heavy equipment, should be placed in the south and west directions. Make sure that the basement’s shape is consistent i.e. Square or rectangular. A basement that is not in good shape can lead to unanticipated losses and even hinder the health of those living there.
  • A quarter of the basement area should be above ground.
  • A basement should not exceed 9 feet in height.
  • You should not keep heavy stuff in the basement’s north or east.
  • Avoid dark colors and paint your basement in light, subtle colours.