A successful career is essential for everyone. One should also be aware of all spheres of life that could lead to success. Vastu Shastra is a science that helps you to make brighter career choices. It not only makes your future brighter by making your environment and house more positive, but also gives you the ability to create a bright career. While you cannot change your destiny, hard work and other measures can help you make a bright future.

Vastu dictates that every individual should adhere to certain guidelines regarding their study habits, directional management, and other aspects of life. This will allow them to excel in academic fields. Vastu principles should be followed by students and working professionals to achieve success in their lives. To excel in your career, learn Vastu guidelines to students and professionals.


  • Professionals such as writers, researchers and artists should be located along the wall’s back. This is a better spot for them. The entrance to such offices should be at least a distance from the main office.
  • If the office is residential, it should not be located next to bedroom.
  • Avoid sharp edges in conference rooms or meeting rooms.
  • You must be seated far from the main entrance to the conference room.
  • Professionals prefer high back chairs
  • Do not place your back in front of the entrance.
  • You should not allow any beams from the office ceiling to be parallel to your chair.
  • Avoid circular or other unusual shapes for your office desk.
  • The best choice is a wooden desk, while glass top-tables are better suited for westward placement.
  • To promote money flow and cheerful atmosphere, keep a crystal at your table.
  • Your southern corner of the office should be illuminated. This is also an area that needs maximum lighting.
  • North facing seating is best.


  • Students should have a regular study table in a square or rectangle shape. It should not be too large, but not too small.
  • For better concentration, the study table should face East/North. Students sitting at this table should also face East/North.
  • You should keep some distance between the study table and the wall. The table should not be placed against the wall.
  • It is best to place the bookshelf in North, North, or North-east. This will allow you to stack books more efficiently. Avoid storing anything in the middle.
  • De-clutter the table of students and don’t place too many books on it. This will cause unnecessary stress and distractions.
  • Maximum windows should be made in the East or North directions.
  • South-east corner should have a well-lit lamp.
  • To make students active and increase mind power, you can paint this room with subtle or light shades. The colour of a room can have a profound effect on your mood and the mind.


Vaastu Guidelines For Career

The location of the chamber

Different types of professionals have different office styles. The ideal place for your office is along the back wall if you are an artist, writer, or researcher. This office should not be in direct contact with the main entrance. The location of a residential office next to a bedroom is not advisable. It is best to keep the offices of officials from government and corporate heads away from the main entrance. A well-lit office is more productive than one that is constantly interrupted by visitors. Your workplace should not be occupied with cross-legged workers.

Seating arrangements

Avoid sharp edges at tables during business meetings. When you’re in a conference room negotiating with business colleagues, it is best to be as far away from the main entrance of the chamber as possible. Your back should not be exposed at the entrance to your workplace. A high-back chair and an armrest with balance and support are the best choices. Avoid overhead fans and beams. You should also avoid having anything pointed directly at your face, such as any sharp or angular objects.

The Desk Shape

Growth in your career is not possible with U-shaped, L or oval-shaped desks. Your office should have smooth rectangular desks. The most lucrative desks are made of wood. If your office faces west, you should consider a glass-topped desk. Avoid placing your desk in a position that faces protruding corners. Place a variety of plants around the edges to hide them if you are unable to avoid them. Your desk should be in the far right corner. It should appear diagonally from your door.

Flower Power

A vase of fresh flowers should be kept on the east side your desk. As they signify the emergence of new life, make sure you include a few buds in your flower arrangement. Wilting petals, on the other hand, signify gradual death. Keep changing your flowers, replacing the old ones with newer flowers. Keep plants in the southeast corner your office to promote financial growth.

Here are some more tips

  • Good business is ensured by light in the southern corner. Your office must be well lit.
  • Quartz crystals are great for your career and can open up new opportunities.
  • Place the telephone in the southeast corner, either the east or north. Make sure the wires aren’t visible.
  • For increased concentration, face the north while you are at work.