As with residential areas that have an impact on the residents, clinics that are not properly designed do not help in quick recovery. Even if Vastu for Clinic has been given full dedication, it is still possible to make mistakes in a clinic. Due to the lack of places, many residential areas are being converted to clinics. However, patients who have Vastu defects will suffer hardships and adverse effects. An accurate Vastu analysis of a clinic will ensure that patients are able to recover quickly and have better health. It will also include the construction of a proper room and entrance to the clinic. Vastu Sastra practitioners believe, &the doctor treats the patient, but the cosmic forces and environment heal the patient&. Vasthu principles can be used to improve healing in hospitals, clinics, and medical centers.

A clinic or hospital could be a magnet for negative energy and the energy of all those who are ill. It is vital that these spaces are designed to attract positive energy and ward off negativity. Vasthu-friendly properties have a higher chance of making patients feel calmer and peaceful. This will help with healing.

The clinic’s main entrance should be located in the north-east or east. Patients will be able to get consultations without fear or uncertainty. There are also options for the entry: south-east or south. Patients will feel calm and relaxed if the waiting area is in the north-east. Unhappiness would result if this area is located in the south-east fire quadrant.

The south-west, south and west are all good locations for doctors. Concentrating on patients from the north-east increases concentration. It is also permissible to face east when treating patients.

Black, grey, or blue should not be used for the doctor’s seat. These colours are considered depressing and harmful in Vasthu. They should be avoided on the floors and on carpets.

Wall colours that are appropriate can make it easier for patients to wait. Because of their cooling and calming properties, light green, blue and pink are recommended. Avoid white and dark yellow as they can create tension. Walls should have cheery, scenic photos or photographs. The patient should lie down on the examination table in the northwest corner of the room. You should also avoid having a toilet in either the north-east, south-west, or central part of the room. Toilets in the spiritual north-east quadrant can cause problems, negatively affect her reputation, and lead to lower prosperity. A central toilet will lead to hostility between patient and doctor. A toilet in the west will negatively impact prosperity.


The north-east should have operating theatres. The ideal place for medicine counters is in the south-east. A water feature can be installed in the north-east to create a calm environment. Vasthu principles say that clinics should not keep fish in aquariums. This is considered to be sinful and can hinder the growth of the clinic.

When studying the vastu of a clinic, it is important to consider the following. Vastu consultation in clinic requires a detailed analysis.

  • Good location for the clinic.
  • Exteriors of the clinic include slope, height, water level, and shape.
  • The location of the beams
  • The basement’s location
  • Direction of the Entrance
  • The orientation and placement of the windows
  • The placement and direction of the machines
  • The direction and placement of employees
  • The placement and direction of the owner
  • The placement and direction of electrical equipment such as generators
  • The placement and direction of the steps
  • Cooler placement and direction
  • The oven’s placement and direction
  • The layout and direction of the pantry/kitchen
  • Direction and placement of the toilets
  • Direction and placement of water products
  • The location and direction of the reception area
  • The placement and direction of the guard rooms
  • The placement and direction of the patient’s bedroom
  • The placement and direction of the medical rooms
  • Direction and placement of the water boring
  • Parking direction and location
  • Direction and placement of underground water tanks for staff
  • The direction and location of the overwater water tank
  • The placement and direction of the septic tank.
  • The clinic’s color scheme