MBSK7 Vastu consultants are highly qualified, talented and skilled in interior design and planning. Vastu consultants in India are experts in vastu for homes, business offices, factories, residential land, industrial analysis & guidance, and cater various stages of this field.

We can also assist with specific problems in homes, offices, and factories by providing reliable solutions. Vastu Services can help you improve efficiency, productivity, and reduce downtime.

Vastu Services

MBSK7 Vastu offers professional guidance and Vastu services to Delhi based on the scientific knowledge of Indian Vastu Shara. We help you improve your happiness and health by helping you reform your environment and reduce the stress caused by environmental stress. Vastu Shastra, an Indian Vedic science of construction, creates harmony, health and prosperity in all aspects of your life.

MBSK7 Vastu recommends Remedies that don’t require demolition and use Scientific Logics. We also have Vastu Experts available to help those looking from a wider perspective.

Dr. Seema Mehlawat, with a doctorate in vaastu, a diploma in scientific vaastu and a researcher in pyramid science is very proficient in the field of vaastu shastra. She is a perfectionist when it comes to understanding different aspects of any place whether it be your residence or workplace. She is a skilled professional and knows how to analyse the vibrations and balancing it with minimal changes to the structure. Her most important aim is customer satisfaction which she ensures with her undeniable knack in examining the energies of the surroundings to create a more peaceful and pleasant environment. She provides the vastu services not only for personal residence but also for any workplace or any occasion like griha pravesh and for marriage, any aspect of one’s life which they need to resolve, she can provide her guidance and knowledge to lead you towards the best possible solutions.


Why Vastu is Important

Vaastu can be described as the interaction of different forces of nature. It includes the five elements of Earth Water Air Fire Ether. This force aims to maintain equilibrium because these elements have an influence on, guide, and change the lives of all living things.

They have a direct impact on our luck, behavior, and deeds. Vastu, which literally means “house” or Dwelling Place, is a system that creates harmony between Nature and Men Materials. Vastu is science, art and astrology unified. Vastu can also be called ancient mystic science architecture. Vastu helps to improve our lives and protect us from bad things.

There are many natural energies that can be found in the atmosphere, such as:

  • Solar Energy from the Sun. Solar Energy from Sun.
  • Earth Energy – Gravitational
  • Magnetic Energy
  • Wind Energy
  • Cosmic Energy, etc.

Peace and prosperity can be achieved by utilizing these energies in the correct ways and measures. Let us pray, as Vastu Purush is the god of science and building. It bridges the gap between nature, man and material. It is also practical and easy to follow. You can build your home according to vaastu’s guidelines and live a happy and healthy life.

Vastu can also be used in every room, every home, every temple, and every shop or industry.

As it begins its day, every creature on Earth starts their life with sunrise. Sunlight is an essential part of every person’s life. It emits ultra violet rays during the morning and infra-red rays at night. This serves one essential purpose: to reduce or generate biochemical germs, N2/Oxygen/CO2 on Earth.

The Sun is a sign of light, power, generosity, luck, and mobility. It governs bone, eye and heart, as well as blood circulation, soul, and spinalcord. It is the home of Lord Indra, and therefore east direction is considered auspicious. Because magnetic lines that force people to move from North to South are drawn, North is considered auspicious. This is the origin of all life. Harmony can be created by three forces. Or, wind, water, and fire, or vaayu jal and Agni.

These forces can be kept in their proper places and there won’t be any disturbance. If water is used in place fire or wind, or any other combination of them, then the forces will begin to act accordingly, causing unpeacefulness and disharmony.