The Entrance Door to the House

When applying Vastu to your home, you should also consider the entrance door. The entrance door should be located in the North, East, or North East of your house. The size of the entrance door should be greater than other doors in the house.

The number of entrances

There may be more than one entrance to a house’s frontage. These doors must be provided according to certain rules. A single main entrance door to the house is more valuable than other factors. Two doors at the entrance can mean that the inmates will live comfortably. Three doors is considered dangerous for residents. It is dangerous to have more than three doors as the main entrance.

Placement of main entrance doors

One Door: If there is only one door to the house, it should be located in the east or north. These directions are acceptable for commercial entrances, however they are not permitted.

Two doors

Two doors can be used in a house if they have the following combinations:

  • Combining east and north with west.
  • It is possible to combine East and West.
  • South and West doors are not permitted
  • South and East doors are not permitted.

Three Doors

  • Inauspicious are three doors that exclude the east
  • Three doors without south are auspicious.
  • Three Doors that exclude north are inauspicious.
  • Three doors without west are auspicious.

Four Doors

It is very lucky to keep the doors open in all directions if the house is aligned with the magnetic orientation.

Inner Doors

The doors should be at minimum 7′-0 in height and the width should be at most 3′-6 in depth.

There are many doors

It is important that the number of doors in a house be equal in count. However, it should not exceed ten or more than eight. Before counting the ten doors in a house, there are a few things you should know. The main gate and outhouse doors are not included in the count of the house’s doors. Two flanged doors count as one door. Although entrances may not have doors, if they are covered over to create an enclosed passage, they are considered doors. Doors that do not touch the ceiling from partitions in the house are not considered doors.

Here is a description of the number of doors in a house and how they affect each other.

2 DoorsAuspicious
3 DoorsCause Enmity
4 DoorsLonger Life Expectancy
5 DoorsDieses
6 DoorsGood Child Bearing
7 DoorsDeath
8 DoorsGrowth of Wealth
9 DoorsDes facilités
10 DoorsRobbery
11 DoorsDestruction of the Good
12 DoorsBusiness growth
13 DoorsThis reduces the man’s lifespan
14 DoorsIncrease in wealth
15 DoorsDestruction of the Good

Designing Doors

Vastu permits decoration and carving of the main entrance, but there are some rules that must be followed.

  • Lakshami, seated on lotus and surrounded by elephants, is suitable for use on doors.
  • You can also carve traditional guard images.
  • Decoration can be made from the gods of wealth that emit coins.
  • Kul Devta can be used to decorate the door.
  • Door decorations can be made from images of birds like parrots, peacocks and swans.
  • Nature paintings etc.
  • Pictures and sculptures of war scans, etc. are not allowed. They are not permitted.

Keep in mind that god images, etc. It is important to avoid using god images or other religious symbols on the outside of the door. This could lead to poverty, among other problems.

Vastu tips for your main entrance door

The main door is where life begins in a home. As per the vastu shastra, one should pay close attention to the main doors and main windows.

There are many aspects to consider, such as the location of the main doors, main windows, and direction. The main door is the first point of entry into a home. Therefore, the main door must produce positive energy every time someone walks in. The positive energy emanating from the main entrance is connected to the rest of the house. The entrance door should be placed so that it activates the most positive energy. These are some suggestions to help you position your main entrance doors according to vastu shashtra.

After performing a vastu puja, one can place the main doors on an auspicious date. You need to determine the best place to place your main door. This can be done by standing in front your home and visualizing dividing it into two sections where the main door will be located towards the middle. It can be in either the left or right side depending on which direction it is facing.

Position of the door according to the directions:

North: When facing the house, the door should be in its left half. The door should not be placed in the right-hand side (North-West). This will ensure that the door receives plenty of sunlight throughout the day. The door should be in the middle of the wall. Windows should face North-East. The door should not be placed near the corners of the walls.

West The door may be placed in the left-hand side of the house. The door should not be placed in the right-hand side of the house, as there are more windows that can be found here to provide constant sunlight throughout the day. The opening should be in the west. You should ensure that your door faces west.

South: The door that is positioned to the south should not be in the middle of the home. It should be in the right-hand half. You should avoid placing your main door in the direction of the south-west as it can cause damage to you from the infrared rays.

East Place the door in the right-hand side facing the north east direction. The door should not be placed in the direction of the south-east. The center of the wall should have the door, and windows should face north-east.

You should not have your main door facing the opposite house.

Keep in mind that your main door should not be placed at the other home. It can make it uncomfortable for both of you and cause discomfort.

Don’t place the main entrance facing an abandoned or deserted building.

Avoid putting your main door in a abandoned or rundown building. This can cause negative vibes, and it will make you feel uncomfortable every time you open it.

Place the entrance gate on one side and the entrance doors on the other.

It is not considered auspicious for the vastu principles to have your entrance gate and entrance door facing each other. It is also considered an inconvenience for guests.

You should not install an underground tank. Instead, place a septic tank underneath the main entrance door.

Because if the tank needs to be opened or cleaned, it will be difficult if it is done in front of the main entrance.

You should not place the main entrance in the corners of your home.

Avoid putting the main entrance door in corners of your home. This can cause problems when placing furniture in the home. You should leave the corners of a home unoccupied for easy movement.

You should not build a wall at the door’s entrance.

Instead of putting a wall in front your entrance door, choose a door that opens into the next room. This will let the fresh air in the home and allow it to be well ventilated.

You should have an entrance and exit door.

According to the vastu principles, there should be at least two doors. One for entry and one for exit. The entrance door should be larger than the exit one. This will allow fresh air to enter the home.

These are some points to keep in mind:

  • The main entrance door should be the largest in your home.
  • You should open the main door from the inside clockwise.
  • Do not install self-closing doors.
  • A threshold should be placed at the main door.
  • Do not install creaking doors.