A garage should also have a proper vastu to ensure a long-lasting vehicle. To avoid unnecessary expenses, the car must be properly stored and oriented. The following guidelines and tips will help you to find the best garage for your car.

Vasthu Guidelines For Garage

  • You must consider the location of your garage. The ideal location for a car garage is in the southeast or northwest corner of your home.
  • You should expect to travel a lot if the car is in the west side or northwest-facing garage. .
  • It would only require minor maintenance if the car was parked in southwest corner.
  • The garage floor should slope towards the north or south.
  • After parking your car inside, you should leave at least 2 feet of space in the garage. This will allow light and air to flow in the garage.
  • You must ensure that your car shed is not in direct contact with the compound wall or main building.
  • It is forbidden to park your car in the northeast direction. Because northeast is considered the entry point to the heavenly forces, parking your car herein would be a big no-no. Parking in the northeast is permitted if there is a garage.
  • A garage in the southwest means that the car is rarely used. The car would be rarely driven out of its garage and would need constant repairs.
  • When parking your car, make sure that the front is facing north or the east. This will ensure that your car does not get too hot.
  • If you park your car facing either the west or south side of your vehicle, there are chances that it could be exposed to fire hazards.
  • The garage gate should face east or north. The garage gate should not be higher than the main wall gate. It should also be able to open and close freely. There should be no obstruction.
  • Clear access should be possible to the garage gate’s opening point.
  • The garage’s colors should be white, yellow, or another light color.
  • Avoid storing any inflammable or waste materials in your garage. They could cause damage to your garage.

Vastu For Portico

  • A garage is not possible for those with limited space. A portico is a great option to park the car.
  • The portico location should be to the east or north of northeastVastu for Portico on plots facing north or south directions.
  • Parking your car in the north is a good idea for businessmen, while parking it east is a good idea for politicians, administrators, and government officials.