Indian culture is known for being very respectful of visitors and treating them as if they were God. Indians treat guests as family members and welcome them with great warmth. The guest room is where guests stay. It must follow the same Vastu rules as other rooms in the house. This will allow guests to enjoy their stay, and also spread happiness and warmth throughout the house. If your guest room is not planned in accordance with Vastu principles, they can be dominating and could even disrupt the peace and stability within your home. This article offers some Vasthu tips for your guest bedroom.

Vastu Guides for Guest Room

  • Because the guest room is for the Head of the Family, it should not be built in the southwest corner of the house.
  • The guest room can be planned in the northwest direction. This is the ideal place for guests to stay at your house.
  • It is possible to plan on building the guest room in the south. It is better to consult a vastu expert prior to choosing this direction.
  • The guest room can be placed at agneya corner (southeast corner). This direction is not difficult.
  • Vastu guidelines should be followed for the door to the guest room. The most preferred options are Northeast door facing east direction, Northeast door facing north direction, Southeast door facing south direction, and Northwest door facing west direction.
  • You can also place the bathroom in the guest room at Nairuthi corner if it is located at vayavya corner (northwest corner), or agneya corner. However, consult an experienced Vastu consultant before you do this.
  • If your guest room is located at vayavya corner you will need to provide a window at the northeast corner, in the north direction or in the west direction.
  • You should keep a window facing southeast or south if the guest room is located at agneya corner. Even if the window is facing southwest, nothing serious should be observed. It is as it is. The agneya corner guest bedroom crosses the middle of the house. Keep the window facing southwest.
  • It is up to you whether or not you wish to include a bathroom in the guest room. Vastu shashtra does not recommend it and asks you to stay away from it.