Vastu is vital for the building of hostels. This is an infrastructure that students from different areas use to study. If it is not built according to Vastu norms, then it could face serious problems. Students must have Vastu in their hostel to be comfortable.

These are some General Vastu Guidelines for Hostel:

  • The hostel building must be in a regular shape, such as square or rectangular. Any irregularity in the plot’s shape can lead to inauspicious results and loss of goodwill.
  • Hostel stairways should be built in the Southern or Western part.
  • South-western hostel must be allowed to staff, administration and warden.
  • North-west must be used to construct student rooms.
  • Toilets should be constructed in the North-West.
  • A canteen is possible in the South-east.
  • The North-eastern region should be kept for lawn and garden.

Vastu for Hostel Room

As is the case with hostel building, Vastu should be applied to hostel rooms. Students Vastu for Hostel Rooms must also study well. Hostel rooms that are not properly constructed can cause stress, strain, and irrelevant strikes. They also lead to trivial problems that can damage hostel’s reputation. Vastu rules must be followed in hostel rooms to maintain peace and regularity in student’s education.


When studying the vastu of hotels, it is important to consider the following. Vastu consultations of hotels require a detailed analysis.

  • Hostel room beds should be set up so that students can face South or East, and their feet point towards North or West.
  • Do not place beams in your hostel room.
  • The study table in the hostel should face North or East. It must not be against the entrance.
  • The hostel room’s bed should not be placed directly in front of the entrance.
  • The eastern side of the hostel room should have maximum sunlight to receive morning sunshine, which is vital for students and their studies.


When studying the vastu of hostels, it is important to consider the following. Vastu consultation in hostels requires a detailed analysis.