Lighting is an important element. Vastu is all about lighting in the home. Good lighting can be uplifting. The north-east corner of a property represents the sattva corner. This is where creative and positive energy is represented. It is best to have natural light enter from the north-east.

The sun’s light feeds the earth, giving life and food to all. Natural light is the best source of energy. It is therefore a good idea to have plenty of natural light at your workplace and home. It is easy to alter the mood of a space by changing its lighting.

If the lighting in a room’s room is unevenly distributed or is overhead, it is considered neutral. Positive light fittings are placed along the east and north walls. The north-east is considered to be the source of light.

If the main source for lighting is located in the south-east corner of a room, this is considered negative. Natural firelight and candle light can both be naturally soothing and used to create a relaxed atmosphere.