The house’s most important room, the locker room, determines its prosperity and financial well-being. There are many things to consider when determining the location of your locker room. According to vastu shastra the locker room should be located in the north direction of your house. The room’s color, shape, direction, and location should all be right. Otherwise the outflow will be more than the inflow. You should also ensure that cash, jewelry, and ornaments are safe and secure in the room. The following tips will provide you with detailed information on vasthu locker room.

Vaastu Tips For Locker Room

Room Size and Shape – When trying to find the ideal vaastu locker room, size and shape are the most important considerations. The ideal locker room shape should be rectangular or square. Locker rooms of unusual shapes are not allowed. Because of limited space, builders tend to give less importance to the room’s shape. It is common to see rooms with triangular or pentagon sides. You should ensure that the locker room has enough space. The locker room must not be lower than other rooms.

Locker Direction – Another important consideration is the location or placement of the locker. The almirah or locker should be placed on the south side of your room. It should not be to the south. The locker’s front should face the north wall. It should not have its back facing south. It is best to not place the locker in the north-east corner. This could lead to loss of wealth. It is also not recommended to place the locker in the north-west corner or south-east corner, as this can cause unnecessary spending.

Locker Positioning- When placing the locker, ensure that it is at least an inch from the wall. It should not be stuck to the wall. The locker should be at least a foot from the south-west corner or north-west corner. A locker or almirah may be used if the space is not sufficient.

Doors Windows- When it comes to the doors and windows of the room, it is best for the locker room to have one door with two shutters. Although it is more common to have one shutter on doors, shutter doors are considered more lucky. The door to the locker room should face east or north. The door should not be in the south-west, south-west or north directions. This room should have windows that face east or north.

Color Scheme – Although it may sound strange, colors have their own story. Some colors are thought to be positive and promising while others are seen as negative and unlucky. While some colors can bring wealth, success, and abundance, others can bring about misfortune and bad luck. Yellow is considered the most favorable color for the locker room. The wall and floor should be in yellow to create a vaastu-approved space. Yellow is believed to bring in more wealth.

Additional Tips

The locker room is best located in the north. If north is not possible, the best place for the locker rooms is east.
It is important to ensure that the locker does not rest under the beam, as this can put unnecessary pressure on it.
It is strictly forbidden to place a locker in any corner of the room.
You should keep the locker rooms clean and free of clutter. It should be very neat and tidy.
You should keep gold, silver, and other valuables in the southern or western side of your locker.
A locker mirror is considered a sign of good fortune. This is believed to double your chances of gaining wealth.
The gentle sound of water flowing from the fountain gives off positive energy and increases money flow.
To attract wildlife to your home, a birdbath or feeder can be installed in the yard. This will increase energy and wealth.