Vaastu principles to Multiplex & Malls/ Commercial complex will ensure a lot of profit and Vastu of Mall prosperity to entertainment business. Modern times have everything under one roof, such as a theatre, restaurant, food court, Sopping & Game Zone, and that is known as a mall or complex.

These are the basic steps to build a Multiplex & Malls/Commercial Complex according to Vaastu. Complexes are often built in a way that maximizes every square inch. This can lead to mistakes. Complexes that are built according to vastu are well-known and more successful than other types.

  • The theatres should have a slope, or arrangements of seats so that the screen faces the North or East.
  • The Restaurant should be located in the South West of the Building. The Kitchen should be located in the South East.
  • Preferably, the South-East is where you will install an AC plant.
  • In the South-East, you can also install a generator or transformer and other electrical installations.
  • Toilet blocks should be located in the North-West.
  • Landscaping, fountains and artificial water falls can be constructed in the North-East, North, or East of the entire site.
  • The Central Part of the Building should have sufficient lighting at the Top (Skylight).