People are lavishly spending their one-time marriages in marriage halls as the trend is growing. There may be many marriage halls in our area, but sometimes it is clear that not all of them are successful. Some have great business. This place should be built in accordance with Vastu principles to ensure smooth operation of the marriage hall. To ensure happy customers, better business, and greater goodwill, the section of a marriage hall should be constructed in the right direction.

A proper section should be constructed in the proper direction for a marriage hall. Vastu explains how to position each section in a marriage hall.

  • The stage in the wedding hall should be placed in West so that the Couple who sits on it faces East.
  • Ideal for East or North directions, entrance is recommended.
  • The plot of the wedding hall must be in a regular shape, such as a rectangle or square. Avoid round or oval-shaped banquet halls for decoration purposes.
  • South-east must have electrical equipments such as dance floor, music system, and transformers.
  • Also, the South-east must be used for cooking arrangements.
  • Parking should be built in the North-west and South-east.
  • Food and snack arrangements should be made towards North-west or North.
  • The South-west is the best option for guests, but it can also be North.
  • Mandap for marriage must take place in North-east, which is the Ishaan corner or sacred place. Fire must be lit in South-east corner.
  • Toilets must be installed in a marriage hall in North-west or west.
  • The preferred location for the room of the owner is in South-west.
  • As per Vastu, stairs in the hall can be placed in South, West, or South-west.