Marriage is an Institution that gives you the opportunity to start a new life and achieve your goals in the form love, support, identity, and success. The Ancient scriptures define marriage as a sacred relationship and assign separate duties to each partner.

Let’s talk about the facts and requirements of marriage in a vastu manner. Almighty God created man and women to love one another and live a happy, peaceful life. Vastu Shastra principles are a great way to foster love and affection among all members of the family. Vastu Shastra can ignite love and deep feelings by following certain rules. It can make a relationship more fun and productive. Vastu is a magnet type of energy. This energy is essential for healthy relationships to be sustained in a living environment. We can see this in the park or by the riverside.

Room for unmarried girl: Parents should not delay or have problems with their marriages. This can cause a lot of tension. The girl should be able to see the place she is being placed in. The house is stable in the south west and the girl cannot easily marry there. The northwestern areas of the house are the best; if it isn’t available, the extreme western parts are great.

Unmarried boys should live in the extreme south and west sides of the house. The best place to marry a boy is the one that is the oldest and most senior in the family.

Delays in marriage:Underground water tank placements on the southwest sides of structures are a major cause for delays in the marriage. Another reason for delay and obstruction in marriage is elevations with lower or lighter southwest. Girls who aren’t getting married should be careful not to use the southwest corner as a bedroom. In a smaller way, the door should not be opened in the south west corner.

Causes of divorce and conflicts: A happy marriage requires peace in the marriage. If your bedroom is in the southeast corner of the house, be prepared for clashes. These clashes could lead to separation and divorce. The dominant fire element in the southeast direction can cause anger and irritation. If the kitchen is not Vaastu friendly, it can also lead to disagreements between the couple. This is to manage the fire element of the house. If used correctly, fire can polish the gold and cook the food. The fire element can be dangerous if it is not managed properly.

Conception problems: A couple living in a house with no North East corner can have problems with conception. This means that the couple must identify the northeast corner and highlight it. The main door should be open to the left. This allows the energy to flow freely. Doors that open to the outside or towards the right are not recommended. Also, make sure that the main door is open to the outside. These Vastu tips will help you to build a strong relationship with your partner. It is essential to adhere to the Vastu Principles in order to have a successful love life. It is important to bring newness and vitality into your personal relationships. Vastu suggests that you can improve your love life by organizing certain areas and changing the order of things. Follow these Vastu tips to improve your love life and experience the unconditional love of your partner.


Vastu Tips for Marital Success

  • For peace and tranquility in your love life, the south-west corner is the ideal location for the master bedroom.
  • A bed room located in the south-east corner of a house is always bad luck. It can ruin intimacy and bring down your luck. Bad heat or fire energy can cause tension and restlessness in your mind. This is where the couple that divorced slept, according to our research.
  • For newlyweds, the bed rooms in this corner are not suitable. Our research shows that many couples who sleep in this area are not married and have no children.
  • Metal beds are very fashionable and in style, but Vasthu Shastra recommends that wooden beds be used.
  • For best results, the bed should be in the south-west corner.
  • Mental stress and financial instability would result from a bed placed in the eastern and northern zones of the bedroom.
  • The bed should not be placed in front or against any attached toilet or balcony doors.
  • Sleep with your head towards the side and your legs towards the north for a happy personal life.
  • When not in use, the door to the attached toilet should be kept shut.
  • A couple room should not have more than one identity, such as duck or butterfly. Do not allow stress to enter the bedroom.
  • Avoid sleeping under the beam. It can cause unnecessary stress and is also harmful to your health.
  • Avoid sleeping in an alignment that is too close to sharp corners. Sharp corners can cause stress to your nervous system. If you have sharp corners in your room, you won’t be able feel peace unless you place plants in front. You can also move your bed so that it is not in direct alignment with the walls.
  • According to the Vastu guidelines, the best location for a bookshelf is in the southwest corner of your bedroom.
  • To allow for positive opportunities to flow, the bedroom door must be open at least ninety degrees. Because the bedroom door is a symbol of all the possibilities that life has in store for you, it should be at least ninety degrees. If a door is not fully open, it will limit your opportunities and support.
  • Your bedroom should be the first thing you see when entering your bedroom. It should provide you with a sense of serenity and peace. These feelings can be enhanced with a photograph, inspirational quote, painting, sculpture, or flowers. These objects should be placed in a way that your eyes are drawn to them every time you enter your bedroom.
  • For a happy, enjoyable marriage between husband and wife, a painting of Lord Krishna as a child is recommended in the bedroom.
  • For a relaxing effect in the bedroom, paint the walls with light green, light rose, or blue colors.
  • Red color can bring back lost love and stimulate the desire.
  • For a good night’s sleep, clutter and unneeded items should be removed from the bedroom and cabinets. To have a healthy and happy relationship, it is important to get rid of clutter.
  • Mirrors should not be placed in bedrooms. They should be visible from beds and reflect the bed from all sides. Mirrors can be mounted on the west and south walls, but not facing the beds.
  • It is not recommended that you have a TV or computer in your bedroom. If you do have a TV or computer in your bedroom, make sure to cover them with a blanket while you sleep.
  • In the bedroom as in other rooms of the house, paintings that represent violence, death, quarrels or violence are not permitted.
  • The food you prepare can easily spark friction between family members and couples. A well-placed kitchen is essential for healthy love and affection. It is said that you must get into your stomach in order to reach the heart.
  • The best location for a kitchen in a house is the south-east corner of the house or the north-west corner.
  • The north-east kitchen can cause enmity among the family members, especially between husbands and wives.
  • The south-west corner of the kitchen creates a lot of unwelcome expenses and weakens women’s health.
  • The stove and the sink should be kept apart. The sink represents water, while the stove is for Agni (fire). Family relations can be affected if the Agni and water elements are not correctly placed.
  • Sharp objects like scissors and knives should be covered. Pickles should be covered as well. Pickles and knives that are not properly placed can cause sourness in relationships.
  • Couples who are aspiring to have children should not sleep in the northeast. Strong magnetic energies can act as a barrier. Make sure the room is free from sharp objects and colors. A water tank can also hinder conception. It is strictly forbidden to place a water tank in the southwest direction.
  • You should keep your money in a safe in the south-west corner. You will be able achieve financial stability this way.
  • You must ensure that underground water tanks are not facing the west.
  • Vastu Shastra disapproves of the idea that an aquarium should be kept in a bedroom. They are believed to attract material loss if they live there.


Vastu for Marriage Hall

Even though it requires a lot of money, the trend to celebrate marriage in marriage halls continues to rise. However, people still spend a lot on one-time marriages. There may be many marriage halls in our area, but there are also times when we find that not all marriage halls succeed. This place should be built with vastu principles to ensure smooth operation of the marriage hall.

A proper section should be constructed in the proper direction for a marriage hall. Vastu explains how to position each section in a marriage hall.

  • The stage in the wedding hall should be placed in West so that the Couple sitting on it faces East.
  • Ideal for East or North directions, entrance is recommended.
  • The plot of the wedding hall should be rectangular or square. Avoid oval or round banquet halls for decoration purposes.
  • South-east must have electrical equipments such as dance floor, music system and transformers.
  • Also, the South-east must be used for cooking arrangements.
  • Parking should be built in the North-west and South-east.
  • Food and snack arrangements should be made towards North-west or North.
  • The South-west is the best option for guests, but it can also be North.
  • Mandap for marriage must take place in North-east, which is the Ishaan corner or sacred place. Fire must be lit in South-east corner.
  • The toilets in a marriage hall should be in the West or North-west.
  • The preferred location for the room of the owner is in South-west.
  • As per Vastu, stairs in the hall can be placed in South, West, or South-west.