With the rise of trend cities, many cinema houses can be seen in overcrowded areas. Some houses have a waiting list while others are busy serving customers. Vastu is a key factor in this phenomenon. Many cinema halls are built with Vastu flaws, which can cause them hardships and even need to be closed down. Cinema halls require huge investments and if they don’t succeed, the owner will have to pay a high price. The site could also be transformed into a residential or shopping center. Vastu should be consulted before you start any major projects such as movie/cinema halls. He will help you to identify and correct any defects.

Multiplex building in Canada is governed by Vaastu principles. This ensures a lot of success and profit for the entertainment industry. These are the basic steps to build a Multiplex according to Vaastu. Complexes are built to maximize space and sometimes cause blunders. Complexes that are built according to vastu are well-known and more successful than other types.

Vastu Tips for Multiplexes

  • The theatres should have a slope, or arrangements of seats so that the screen faces the North or East.
  • The Restaurant should be located in the South West of the Building. The Kitchen should be located in the South East.
  • Preferably, the South-East is where you will install an AC plant.
  • In the South-East, you can also install a generator or transformer and other electrical installations.
  • The North-West should have toilet blocks.
  • Landscaping, fountains and artificial water falls can be constructed in the North-East, North, or East of the entire site.
  • The central part of the building should be lit by enough light from the Skylight (Top).