A house or building should have overhead tanks. To allow water to flow into the house, it must be pumped from the borewell or well into the overhead tank. The vastu shastra states that there are certain principles to follow when building water sump. These principles were established by ancient sages and are considered an extension of architecture or science. The right location for the water tank will lead to wealth, prosperity, and increased knowledge. The following paragraphs contain tips and guidelines regarding vasthu for an overhead tank.

Vastu Tips For Overhead Tank

One of the most important factors to consider is the location of the overhead tank. The overhead tank should face either the south or west.
The overhead tank should be placed in southwest direction and at least 2 feet above the slab. The water makes the side heavier, which is a good thing. Make sure there isn’t dampness. It is best to place the tank on a slab that is higher than the slab of your building.
Although the northeast corner is part of the element water, it’s not recommended to place a large overhead tank there. Because the side should not be too heavy, it is important to keep it in check. A small tank is possible. A south-east corner overhead tank is considered a bad sign and can cause loss of wealth or accidents. Overhead tanks in the south have a moderate effect. The tank should be at least two feet from the roof slab and not leak.
It would be very beneficial to place the tank on the west side, not southwest. This is because Lord Varuna, the Lord of Rains, owns the direction. The tank can also be built on top of the slab in such cases.
The overhead tank should not be placed in the direction of the north-west. It is permissible if the overhead tank is smaller in size and less high than the north-west corner. The water in the tank is not used properly and does not finish as expected.
Never place the overhead tank in its middle. This place is called the Bramhasthan. The Brahma would have to take care of any load that is placed on the house. This would make it impossible for the people living there to live comfortably. It would be difficult to stay in the house for long periods of time.
Avoid overhead tanks made of plastic. If you do decide to purchase one, ensure it is black or blue as dark colors absorb the sunrays.
You should have separate tanks for each purpose. You can have water for drinking or cooking from one tank. Water for toilets and bathrooms can come out of another.