Most homeowners have lost their peace of mind due to negative energies and sleep direction. Because this is where we spend most of our time, the sleeping position is very important. The energy surrounding our bed is very powerful and can cause problems for our health and well-being.

Because our sleep place is a key factor in achieving peace of mind, it is important to consider the position of your sleeping bed. This area gives you strength and helps you make better decisions. Our bed is where we spend the most time, so if it isn’t favourable, it can have a negative impact on our overall peace and health. To regain your power and ability to make decisions, it is important to inspect where you sleep.

Vastu Tips to Peace of Mind

  • Sleep with your head toward South or East, and not towards North or West.
  • For peace of mind, elderly people, retirees and the owner of the house should take over South-west sleeping positions.
  • Unmarried girls should assume North-west position for sleeping. South-west direction is forbidden as it can make them stubborn.