Vastu recommends that the servant’s quarter be constructed according to Vastu. If it is not in the right direction, then it will change the mindset of the servant and encourage them to do wrong things. Vastu recommends that this room be placed in the right direction to ensure that the owner has proper control over his servant. If the room is placed in the wrong direction, it has been noticed that servants can swap their positions or commit other ill-doings like theft, usurping owners’ place, etc. Vastu suggests that servants’ rooms be placed in a proper way. The ideal location for a servant quarter is in the South-eastern corner of the quadrant. This is because it is believed that they do not take over the control and are in fact able to maintain their position.
A North-west quadrant is another option for a servant room. This corner is ideal for placing a servant room.
As per Vastu, the North-east and South-west are bad for servant rooms. They can even be a dominating influence on their owners and commit theft.
Choosing the right colours for drapery and the best materials to use in different rooms.

When studying the vastu of the servant’s room, it is important to consider the following. Vastu consultation in the servant room requires a detailed analysis.

  • The servant room should be located in a central location within the house
  • The direction of the entrance
  • Proper orientation of your bed
  • The orientation and placement of the windows
  • The placement and direction of the electrical appliances
  • Direction and placement of the toilet
  • The color scheme of the room