The storeroom is where junk items are kept. It should be clean and tidy. Vastu states that if junk items are placed in the wrong place, they will multiply and can become permanent.

Vastu Tips For Store Rooms

Because it provides good storage and minimal grain shortages, the store rooms should be located in the North-West corner of the building.
The ideal door for this room must be constructed in any direction, except South-west. It must also have two shutters.
Remember that granary rooms should be higher than other rooms. This room should have windows on the Eastern or Western side.
Tints of yellow, white or blue should be used in storerooms. An image of Lord Vishnu should be placed on the Eastern wall in the storeroom.
The South-west corner should be used to store annual stock, while daily grains should be kept in the North-west.
You must ensure that water is kept in containers or pitchers if it is available in the storeroom.
Oil, ghee and refined gas cylinders should be kept in the South-east corner.
Empty containers in storage rooms should be avoided.
Do not sleep in a storage room, as vibrations can obstruct your sleep.

When analyzing the vastu of a store room, it is important to consider the following.

  • Vastu consultation in store room requires a detailed analysis. Properly locating the storeroom in the house
  • The direction of the Entrance
  • The orientation and placement of the windows
  • The almirah’s placement and direction
  • The placement and direction of trunks
  • What items should be stored in the storeroom
  • The color scheme of the room