Goodpranashakti can enter a house/vaastu through the larger windows that face East or North. According to Indian vaastu science the North brings wealth and East brings health and progress. To get wealth and health, check the doors in your home. Nairuthi (Southwest), windows can cause a lot of problems for inmates.

Windows at Northeast corner bring development, strength and happiness. Windows at the east bring us name, work made easy, and health. Windows at the north bring us happiness, money flow and prosperity.

Windows should have large windows on the East, North, and Northeast sides. The southeast corners and the northwest corners should have windows that are medium in size. Windows should be smaller on the west and south sides. Southwest room should have windows that are very small. Do not install windows in the southwest corner of your south west room.

No one counts for the windows. If anyone says otherwise, don’t believe them. To live a happy and rich life, it is a good idea to seek the advice of a vaastu expert.

These windows should be oriented towards the Northeast, East, and North. Because of the large windows in the Northeast, East and North, the weight is also less with these windows. Weight will be lost at these directions if a window is opened.