The children’s room is a place for fun, recreation, and frivolity. However, it is important to remember some basics in order to make your child a multi-tasker. Vastu complaints room recommends that everything be placed in the correct place according to its corresponding direction. This includes study table, bedroom, bathroom, clock, window, door, and clock. The proper placement of objects encourages children to be more positive and helps them work harder.

Parents want to see their children’s growth in all spheres of life. However, there areVastu Tips For Children Room that can be detrimental to the child’s mind and behaviour. Incorrect placement can make children impulsive, stubborn, and inept. This will force parents to be more patient. Vastu rules can be used to transform your child’s bedroom into a place that is progressive and obedient.

These are some basic Vastu tips for children’s rooms:

Children’s rooms should be placed in the west direction.
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For peace of mind, keep the bed in the South-west corner of your room.
The door of the children’s room should not face directly to the bed.
It is the best direction to place furniture. Avoid placing furniture in the middle of the room, as this can cause obstruction.
All furnishings should be kept 3 away from the wall
Cabinets and closets should always be placed in the South or West directions.
Children shouldn’t be allowed to have a computer/laptop or TV in their rooms. They can affect concentration and child behavior. However, today’s situation means that compulsion computers should not be placed in South and Television in North.
Avoid putting mirrors in the children’s room.
The study table should be oriented East, North, or North-east.
To increase concentration, the study area should not be cluttered. A clutter-free environment is great for brainstorming new ideas.
Good lighting should be located in the South-east, while sharp lamps placed on study tables can cause strain.
You can add freshness to your child’s room by painting it with a green or blue color.
Children’s rooms are better if they have doors that face East or North.
Because it’s associated with peace, freshness, and brain power, green color is the best choice for children’s rooms.

When studying the vastu of a children’s room, it is important to consider the following. A thorough analysis is required for Vastu consultation in children’s rooms.

  • The bedroom should be in a central location within the house
  • The direction of the Entrance
  • The orientation and placement of the windows
  • The placement and direction of the bed
  • The placement and direction of the study table
  • The almirah’s placement and direction
  • The placement and direction of the dressing table
  • Direction and placement of TV, AC, cooler, and audio systems
  • Direction and placement of the phone
  • Placement and direction of pets
  • The color scheme of the room