A dining room can have many different styles, including modern, elegant, romantic, or glamorous. But one thing is constant: it will always look the same. Each dining area should follow the vastu dining room norms. Your perfect space could become a bad-luck maker if the interiors are not planned in accordance with this system. These are some tips to help you create a space that is perfect for eating and attracts luck and prosperity.

Right Direction of Accessories according to Vastu For Dining Room

AccessoryPer Vastu, Best Direction
Wash BasinNortheast
ConsoleSouthwest wall of the dining room
Radio, Television and MicrowaveSoutheast
WindowsNorth or East Side
DoorsEast, North or West

Sitting Arrangement

1. When eating, the head of your family must face east.

2 All other members can face east, west, or north.

3. Stay clear of the Southern direction

4 Limit the number of dining tables to avoid family disputes.

Living Room Colors according to Vastu

Vastu colors are for home. This means that the color of your dining room walls should be Vastu colors.Light greenOrangeCreamLight pink

Do not paint the walls white or black.

Drawing room entry

The drawing room is often the main entrance to the house. When you locate the entrance, make sure there is more space to the right. It is important to consider the direction of the main entrance. Let’s see how it works.

1.Northern or eastern entrance: Gives you health, wealth and prosperity.

2.Southern, north-east, or south-east entry: Signifies success through hard work

3.West entry:Ideal to scholars, because it bestows an calming influence.

4.North-west entry: Indicates the development of all spheres.

5.South-west entrance:Considered inauspicious. You can counter its negative influence by moving the entrance to the west.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

1. The dining table must be rectangular or square in size.

2. The dining table should not be fixed to the wall.

3. The main entrance to the Dining Room and House must not face each other.

4. The dining room should not be located next to the toilet.

5. The toilet/pooja room door should not be opened in front of the dining area.

According to vastu, the kitchen must be built on the same level as the dining room. They should be adjacent.

7.Ensure there are no beams or lofts above your head while you eat.

8. Beautiful paintings and portraits are hung in the dining room to create an atmosphere of joy and happiness.

The lighting must be easy to read and comfortable, as per the vastu for the dining room.