The most affected area in a house is the kitchen. Expert Vastu consultants can identify the negative effects of kitchen placements. This vital part of the house should be at its rightful place, i.e. South-east is governed by the element Fire. The most important aspect of home, the kitchen, is essential for the health and well-being.

Vastu Tips For Kitchen

Vastu of the kitchen must be taken into consideration. Read related Vastu tips for kicthen. Element Fire is governed in the South-east direction, making this part of the house perfect for finding a kitchen. If you prefer a different direction, the North-west section could be used to build a kitchen. However, avoid making a kitchen in any other direction.
The health of females is affected by kitchens located in the north quadrant.
Place the water sink in the North East with the minimum distance from the cooking gas.
The East should have larger windows, while the South should have smaller ventilators.
North-east of your kitchen should be provided for water storage and taps.
All furnishings should be kept 3 away from the wall
Do not place the dining table in the middle of your kitchen, but instead move it to the North-west.
The Northeast corner should have the sink.
South-west should be used for electric equipment such as microwaves, ovens and refrigerators.
The water flow slope should be in the Northeast towards Southwest.
The Southeast corner should have the cylinder.
The Geyser should go on the Southeast Side.
All food grains, utensils, and the over-head almirah storage should be located on the Southern and Western walls, and not the Northern or Eastern walls.
You can place a dishwasher in the northwest corner of your kitchen.
The exhaust fan should either be installed in the Northwest corner of the South wall.
Toilets and bathrooms should not be located adjacent to or above the kitchen.
The kitchen door should not face the toilet door.

Best Directions For Kitchen Accessories According To Vastu

TypeBest DirectionThese are some pointers
Door entryNorth, East, and WestThe kitchen door should not be located in any corner.
Gas CylinderSoutheastEmpty cylinders should always be kept in the southwest direction
Cooking gasSoutheast CornerThe gas stove should be at least a few inches from the wall. It should not be placed in front of the main entrance. When cooking, it should be placed so that the cook faces east
RefrigeratorSoutheast, South or NorthThe Northeastern direction must be avoided. If the refrigerator is to be placed in the southwest direction, it should be at least a foot from the corner.
Equipments (e.g., microwaves, conventional ovens, heaters, ovens, etc.)Southeast or SouthEquipment must not be stored in the northeast.
Storing racksSouthern or Western wallStockpiles of commodities such as grain, pulses and spices must be kept in the south or west.
SinkNorth-East cornerKeep the water source, such as a pitcher or water filter, in the northeast.
Windows and exhaust fanEast directionLarger windows should be built in the east direction. Smaller windows must be constructed towards the south.
ClocksSouth or Southwest Wall

Flooring for the Kitchen

  • Ceramic tiles
  • Mosaic
  • Marble

Color Scheme According To Vastu For Kitchen

The wall color should be-

  • Yellow
  • Rose
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Chocolate

Use black sparingly in your kitchen.

Things to Avoid

The kitchen should not be located below or above the bathroom/toilet.
It is forbidden for the kitchen and toilet to share a wall. Each of these defects can have an adverse effect on the resident’s health.
The kitchen should not face the main entrance of your house.
It is important that the kitchen not be in the North or North East, as it can negatively impact a person’s job prospects.
For building a kitchen, it is best to avoid the middle of a house.
As it can bring bad luck, the Pooja or temple should not be located above the stove or sink.
Stoves in the kitchen should not be visible from the outside.

When studying the vastu of a kitchen, it is important to consider the following. Vastu consultation in the kitchen requires a thorough analysis.

  • Properly locating the kitchen in your house
  • The direction of the Entrance
  • The orientation and placement of the windows
  • Direction and placement of the cooking gaz
  • Cooking: Which direction should you face?
  • The sink’s direction and placement
  • The placement and direction of the refrigerator
  • Direction and placement of electric equipment
  • The placement and direction of the gas cylinders
  • The placement and direction of the storage
  • The kitchen’s color scheme