Vastu Tips


While it is recommended to consult a Vaastu Expert, these tips and illustrations of Vaastu principles are useful and can help you to improve your health, wealth, happiness, and prosperity. These Tips can help you change your destiny.

  1. All heat/electrical generating appliances should be kept in the SE corner.
  2. You should not build kitchens, toilets, and prayer rooms (puja-rooms) together.
  3. The kitchen should not be located directly in front the main door.
  4. Broken mirrors and broken watches, as well as electrical gadgets that are not in use or in good order, should be removed from the house.
  5. Mirrors, sinks and wash-basins should be located along the NE wall.
  6. The safe should be facing east or north. Keep it to the south or west.
  7. The North-South axis should be the preferred location for the toilet seat. The NW corner or SE corner of the House can contain the septic tank.
  8. Do not place garbage dumps, street-light poles, or boulders in front the main gate or entrance.
  9. The main door to your house should not face the main door of another.
  10. There should be more windows and doors on the ground floor than on the upper floors.
  11. Gajalaxmi’s image at the main entrance is considered auspicious.
  12. The face house is located in the north-east corner and should be maintained clean.
  13. Sea salt should be used to clean the floor after using any disinfectant.
  14. The north or the east should be studied by students.
  15. Avoid sleeping or sitting under a beam.
  16. Do not hang or keep paintings that depict violence, crime, violence or agony.
  17. You should construct the front door so that it doesn’t fall into shadows.
  18. Plant a basil or tulsi plant in front of your house.
  19. You should not keep any cactus inside your home. It is a good idea to keep it out of the boundry.
  20. Rainwater or drainage should flow toward the NE-East/North.
  21. Except for renovations, all material used in construction of houses or commercial buildings should be brand new.
  22. The South-West corner is always more welcoming for elderly people.
  23. The building’s height should be reduced from the SW towards the NE.
  24. Walls in the SW should be thicker than walls in the NE.
  25. Before you begin construction on a new home, perform the Bhumi-pujan ceremony and then move into it with Griha-pravesh.
  26. You cannot have a bathroom or a prayer room (puja) underneath a staircase.
  27. Don’t dig in the middle of a house or plot . This is extremely inauspicious.
  28. Accepting money with two fingers is a sign of stealing wealth. Accept money with five fingers.
  29. Pay attention to the sound of your doorbell. Family members who find it irritating will become irritable. A dull sound will lower the energy level in the house. The sound of the doorbell should be soothing and pleasing.
  30. A broken tile or floor marble could cause a breakdown in the family relationship. You can either replace the tile or cover it with a carpet.
  31. Family members could be affected by a tree or an electrical/telephone pole that faces your main door or windows. To protect yourself from evil spirits, place a convex mirror at the tree’s outer wall.
  32. To make it easier for people to locate you, have the number plate of the house at the main entrance. It’s a good idea also to add a name to your residence. The nameplate’s lighting can enhance the effect.
  33. Do not sit with your back to the main door. This can lead to back-biting and deceit as well as betrayal. This could be a seat for an unwelcome guest.
  34. For better savings, place a 3 foot frog in front of the main door to keep the money in the house.
  35. A toilet/fireplace in the North-East corner can cause financial problems and mental tension amongst residents.
  36. Dust and dirt can reduce the effectiveness of mirrors. Keep the paint job clean and replace any bulbs that have become damaged as soon as possible. Make sure to clean your windows and replace broken or cracked glass.
  37. Moving water attracts positive energy, money and good fortune. For amazing results, you might consider placing an aquarium or ornamental fountain in the North direction.
  38. The temple should not be located in the back of an owner’s chair. The factory’s central point should not be empty.
  39. In office you should never sit backwards with the owner. Unwanted visitors/guests should be allowed to take a seat in this area. This causes insecurity and lack of strength.
  40. Three or more doors should not be placed in a straight line. Poor placement of the entrance/obstruction at the gate can greatly reduce prosperity.
  41. Doors should be opened in the West/Southwest/West direction.
  42. Drawing rooms in North/East direction.
  43. North, North-East and East should be kept open, light, and clean. South, South-West and West should not be considered heavy.
  44. More Balcony, Verandahs, and Windows should be located in North/Northeast / East directions.
  45. Brahma sthan should have a balanced number of pillars and they should not be placed on sensitive areas.
  46. The main gate should be larger than any other internal doors. The main entrance gate can be used in any direction, except South West.
  47. It is difficult to leave Brahma Sthan open. Therefore, a lobby/drawing/dining room should be built there.
  48. You can keep a balance between the harmonious soul and the house by removing rubber plants, bonsai and cactus, as well as any other milk-producing plants.
  49. Avoid slumbering under projected beams to prevent depression, headaches and memory loss.
  50. Keep any non-working or unrepaired device, such as a broken watch, telephone, radio, mixer, mixer, spoiled pen, cassettes, etc., out of reach. In the home.
  51. A picture of the High Altitude Mountains in South-West without water will increase stability and help overcome insecurity.
  52. Inspect your office for broken marble or tiles. This could lead to a strained relationship with customers or partners. You can either replace or put carpet on the damaged marble/tiles.
  53. Three coins with a red ribbon tied to them can be used to increase sales.
  54. A conference room or boardroom should face East or West. Make new decisions in the East direction, and you will see your company rise like a rising Sun.
  55. The Kitchen is second best for Pooja . For placing an idol of your deity, choose the North-East corner in the Kitchen.
  56. Take out all medicines from the kitchen and move them to your living room.
  57. Do not place a mirror on the bed. To avoid having bad dreams or ensure a good night’s sleep, cover it.
  58. For sleeping, wooden beds are best. Avoid metal beds (wrought iron) It can cause health problems for the heart and brain.
  59. Wall poster with mountains or snow-clad peaks of mountain (without water). The South-West wall can be used to add strength and stability to the life.
  60. For outstanding performance, place the Education Tower and Crystal Globe in the North-East corner on your study table.
  61. Toilet is best in the West of South-West direction. You can also make it in the West of North-West, or North-West-West directions.
  62. Overhead Water Tank should be in South/South-West/South direction.
  63. Septic Tank in West of South-West/North-West is best direction.
  64. Basements should be built under the entire building, or partially in North/Northeast/East directions. Small Garden
  65. A Panchmukhi Hanumanji image can be placed facing south-west if a factory or house faces a boring direction.
  66. Managers, executives, and directors should be assigned a seat in the south, west, or southwestern direction of their office premises.
  67. It is very good to move the accounts department southeast according to the vastu principles. .
  68. The best place to host a reception is in the northeastern corner of the office.
  69. It is best to place employees in the east or north, as per the vastu principles.
  70. It is necessary to empty the central section of the office. .
  71. According to the vastu principles it is a good idea to place a rectangular desk for the MD.
  72. It is not recommended to place a bore-well or fixing tank facing south. This will result in a decrease in cash flow and a loss of income for the owner.
  73. The northwest or southeast is the best location to store the storeroom.
  74. It is recommended that the marketing department be directed towards the northwest.
  75. You can make financial gains by placing some images or idols of God and Goddess at the right place on mirrors.
  76. It is a good idea to place a water fountain at the northeast corner of your office premises.
  77. Your kitchen should be in the south-east corner. You can also locate it in the north-west corner if you are unable to find the right position.
  78. It is not recommended to build a kitchen in the middle of nowhere, such as in the north-east, south-west, or mid-west.
  79. Make sure that your cooking area does not touch the eastern or northern sidewalls
  80. Place the idols in the correct direction
  81. Keep close to the door placement
  82. When building the puja room, you must strictly avoid the use of prohibited raw materials
  83. South-west is the best direction to place your master bedroom.
  84. Your head should be in the south corner. It is not a good idea to place your head in the direction of north, as this will cause severe sleep disturbances.
  85. Avoid setting up diving idols in your bedroom
  86. It is better to build plots on fertile lands with greenery and plants.
  87. You should ensure that there is no graveyard, tomb, or cemetery located near the plot’s front or back.
  88. Your house should be constructed so that it allows bright light to enter the main doorway
  89. It is a good idea to allow at least 5 doors.
  90. It is not recommended to set up televisions in bedrooms.
  91. You should keep the water sports and plants out of your bedroom
  92. Never separate bed sheets and mattress covers
  93. Your house furniture can be set in a circle, square or octagon shape
  94. Make sure the corners are bright
  95. It’s a good idea to place a bright sun image on the southern wall of your living space 15.
  96. Your bedroom should be located from the south to the west.
  97. The entrance of your house must not be opened to your house’s dinning room.
  98. It’s good to open your eyes towards the outside world.
  99. It is a good idea to put the fish tank in the southeast corner of your living space
  100. It’s a good idea to have a family photo or picture in your living room.